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Along with the expansion of wars, refugees and insurmountable human suffering, steps are being taken on two different fronts to impose totalitarian systems of government.


One of these deals with a subject that has been a major part of my own life: medicine. The World Health Organization is rapidly working on imposing a totalitarian framework under the guise of preventing future pandemics. Please carefully read their proposed changes to the International Health Regulations, and their proposed Pandemic Treaty. These articles would give a small number of unelected and entirely unaccountable individuals the right to declare possible developing health emergencies and take full control of the economies of all 194 participating countries. Not just their economies, but also of all means of communication to eradicate “misinformation”—total censorship. Draconian is putting it mildly.


On the economic front, central banks, particularly in the EU, are making rapid strides to impose central bank digital currencies (CBDC’s). CBDC’s will give governments 100% control of absolutely everything you do. “Step out of line, the man come and take all your money and possessions away” (to paraphrase a passage from Buffalo Springfield’s For What it’s Worth of 1967). A social rating system, linked to your financial accounts, is in use in China to enforce conformity. Chinese communist party totalitarianism is being lauded by the gurus of the World Economic Forum, the EU, and at least one prime minister, Justin Trudeau (by the way, I am a Canadian citizen). Draconian, again.


On two different fronts: Stalinism on steroids.


In response to Stalin’s murder of four of my blood relatives, including both of my grandfathers, and the deportation of 12 of my blood relatives to Siberia, most of whom perished there, I organized the Hope and Spirit project to commemorate Stalin’s victims. This highly successful two-year project took place at the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture in Chicago. A summary of this program’s accomplishments is at


I dedicated two years of my life to prevent the resurgence of Stalinism.


Now, Stalin is being actively resurrected!


With the New Year coming soon, I thought that I should address this issue with a scarf that is frank, to the point, and still wearable, usable. Thus, I designed “1984”.


The underlying image was taken from my 12-foot-wide painting, “The Ghosts are Coming” which was based on a near death experience when I got lost in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.


The numbers 1984 and the written script were taken from the book cover of the first edition printing of George Orwell's book “1984”.


This scarf has been ordered and I should receive the scarf before Xmass. Thus, if you order it, I should be able to ship the scarf out to you before Xmas. 


This scarf is of the same size as all the others, 55 x 55 in (140 x 140 cm), and is made of the same high quality, 100% pure silk.



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