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Spellbound in Silk

          In my art I have tried to create beauty--beauty with philosophic and emotional depth. I have delved into the origins of thinking, consciousness, the core of what it is that makes us human beings.


          Besides beauty and depth, my work has also incorporated the understanding that we live in a cosmic, a divine, a purposeful world. An existence that is permeated with a sense of belonging, of spirituality. In my most recent series of silk scarves, wraps, I have accented this theme.


          Regrettably, those who have power and authority subvert this existence. In this time of strife and conflict it is most important to realize our own individual purpose, our own individual spirituality.

          To see all of the spirituality themed pieces click the "Load More" button at the bottom. Some of the more popular pieces can be found there.

          For more information and fashion images, click on each scarf.

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