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            These are large-scale, 100% pure silk scarves, 140 x 140 cm (55 x 55 in). Given their size, they are more properly called wraps (skraistės in Lithuanian). Most designer scarves, at their largest, are only 90 x 90 cm (35 x 35 in). These are two and a half times that size.

            The silk used is of the highest quality with silk twill weaving. The printing techniques are state of the art. These scarves are heavy, durable and warm.

            For forty years I have been both a professional artist and a neurologist-neuroscientist. I have been artistically exploring the origins of thinking, of consciousness. How is it that we are aware of ourselves, of others? How is it that social interactions, culture, and civilizations arise? Basically, what is it that makes us human?

            All of these silk works of art, just as all my previous pieces, have multiple overlapping, interweaving layers of content, meaning and visual elements. Complexity of their design and content matches the complexity of our own thought processes.

            These silk NeuroArt scarves are the latest iteration of my artistic explorations. I am taking art off gallery and museum walls and bringing it out for the general public to use and enjoy.

            Further information can be found on my website by clicking HERE.

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